40/20 Beer Co. – Proudly Australian Made & Owned

Once you’ve notched up a healthy tally of trips around the sun, you’ll know that beer isn’t just something you drink.

It’s something you look forward to. Something you share. It’s an excuse to get together after a long week (or hey, even on a Monday). It’s an open invitation. It’s instant common ground. It’s the stuff that kicks off conversations and keeps it flowing until you forget where you even started.

Whether it’s a quick sundowner, or a night on the town, beer brings people together. Neighbours become friends. Sporting rivals become mates. Trips away become adventures and stories from back in the day become legendary.

At 40/20, this is what we’re all about. Instead of waxing lyrical about the hops and fruity notes, we’d rather focus on the fun stuff. The backyard barbies. The Sunday sessions. The overdue catch-ups with mates. The team song after the game. Watching the bush TV. Jumping in the ocean on a hot Summer’s day. Going to the pub for ‘just one’ but staying for a few more. Or just hitting one long and straight down the middle.

We create beers for locals who are proud of where they are from, and the people who make it a community.